Defining a strategy for achieving the goal

Based on your goals, you now create your master plan (your strategy). You work out bit by bit how you want to achieve the individual goals. You also determine which target customers you want to offer the products to and where.

To go into more detail, you now choose ways and means that bring you closer to your goals. In doing so, one takes into account the situation examined in the first place and selects the means that are appropriate for the company and the employees in order to achieve this.

At this point you always have to be aware of your resources. Do I or my employees have the necessary skills or do I have the budget?

To be even more precise, take the worksheet with your goals and write down each individual goal again on a piece of paper. Now go there and think about what you have to do to achieve the goal.

 Tips and Tricks:

Here is an example with customer satisfaction:

  • If you want your customers to be happier, write down, for example:
  • Always treat customers very friendly (even if they are abusive)
  • Always provide competent advice to customers (employees may need better training here)
  • Better service after the purchase (call the customer after the purchase and ask if everything is ok with the product. If not, improve it. A process should then be set up for this.)
  • Here is an example of the higher sales:
  • If you want to sell more you have to win more new customers and sell more to existing customers, so you then write down:
  • More promotion for product X (so that new customers are informed about it)
  • Provide existing customers with information about new products more regularly (so that they buy new products regularly)

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