The Must haves of Marketing Planning

There are some practical tips given to help you go through the marketing process more smoothly and deficiently.

Work out everything in detail:

Only now do you start planning the individual measures in detail. Here you determine how your products and services must be designed so that your target customers buy them. You also set the price for it and consider possible payment models. You are also looking for the right ways to sell the products. And now advertising planning comes into play, which you can now use in a very targeted manner. Basically, you create your own marketing mix here.

These are the individual points that you have to work out in detail here:


Definition of brands

Planning of products and assortments

Planning the design and packaging

Plan service before and after your purchase

Plan warranty services

Plan how the product will run through its lifespan


Determine the right prices for the products

Determination of the sales conditions

Set behavior to changes in competitive prices

Plan possible discounts for the products


Plan how the product will be shipped to the customer

Plan who or what the product will be sold by

Select and train sales personnel


Establish goals for advertising

Determine what type of customer you want to address

Determine how you want to address customers

Plan where to advertise (online and / or offline)

Place the individual advertisements and advertising material on the selected channels

Measure the impact of advertising

Money also rules marketing:

Of course, you should also think about how much you want to spend on individual planning measures and advertising. But you should definitely always earn more from advertising than you spend on it.

Control yourself:

In order to always check how much, you spend on marketing and how much you earn through advertising, you should also keep an eye on the numbers. Because if a form of advertising does not pay off or a form of discount does not work, then you should either change something or leave advertising or discounts in this area.

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