What is a good blog title?

Asking questions:

Blog titles in the form of a question are always a good way to attract visitors. These provoke the visitor and make him curious. After reading the blog title, visitors will at least skim the headlines and the majority will read the article afterwards. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • Why some people […]?
  • What makes me […]?
  • How do you get […]?
The only, best, or easiest way:

You may have figured out a way to do something that would save others a lot of time, too. This should then be recorded in your blog title. It sounds too good to be true to the reader at first and therefore arouses curiosity. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • The only way to do […]
  • The best way to learn […]
  • The easiest way to get rid of […]
Do something in a given time:

Most of us don’t have enough time. Often a day should have 48 hours. This is exactly where you can tickle your readers and tackle their time constraints with the blog title. Show the time in which you can do something. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • Get started with […] in just 10 minutes
  • […] can be done in just 1 hour
  • Get away […] in just one day
Provide helpful guidance or how-to:

Blog titles for instructions and how-to should also indicate that they are such. This allows the reader to immediately recognize the goal of the article. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • How you do […] in a simple way
  • How to […] without spending a lot
  • Follow these instructions to reach […]
Teach methods and strategies:

There are a myriad of methods and strategies of doing something. Surely you have your own methods or strategies that you would like to pass on and these are the appropriate blog titles:

  • This method helps […] save hundreds of euros
  • With this simple strategy you make […]
  • This method helps to make […] even better / faster
Provide double advantage:

Of course, everyone is looking for their advantages. And of course two are better than just one. You can also process this in your blog title by building it up as follows, for example:

  • How you can save time with […] and get things done quickly
  • So you get […] and even more money
  • […] Earn and work independently
Uncover secrets:

Secrets have always been a tried and tested means of getting people’s attention. Why not use this compound for your blog titles too? Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • The secret of the perfect […]
  • How to reveal the secret of the best[…]?
  • This secret of […] will amaze you
Draw comparisons:

Comparisons are particularly popular in product tests. After all, you want to finally decide on a product and you need your help. For this area you can design your blog title in the following forms:

  • […] Versus […] – You will be amazed at the result
  • The best […] in direct comparison
  • […] Has these advantages over […]
Motivate and inspire:

Surely you also have motivating or inspiring stories that you want to tell. This motivation or inspiration should then be built into your title. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • Finally, approach […] with more motivation
  • That will motivate you […] to do more often
  • These people will inspire you to do […]

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