What is content research?

Now it’s about researching your content. This step is only required if you cannot simply write the texts from your experience. You can of course use different sources for the content. The easiest way to get content is of course on the Internet from Wikipedia, blogs or various specialized homepages. A Google search for your keywords should bring you to the right content (if it doesn’t, you should reconsider your keywords). It is also worth looking for the English terms, because English-language blogs are often a good source of ideas.

The right title:

The title is one of the most important elements of your content. This decides whether someone will read your article or not. Meanwhile, some title forms have proven to be relatively successful. We will present the application of this to you in detail. Here is a compilation of the successful forms with small examples:

Numbers or lists:
  • X simple tips for …
  • X easy ways to do XYZ
  • ask
  • What makes me an XYZ?
  • How do you get XYZ?
  • The only / best way
  • The only / best way to do XYZ
  • Do something in a given time
  • Start XYZ in just 10 minutes
  • Do XYZ in just 1 hour
Helpful guides:
  • How to Do XYZ in an Easy Way
  • How to get on Google’s first page without spending a lot
  • Personal experience
  • How I got to XYZ
  • How I learned XYZ
  • Negative title
  • How not to do XYZ
  • Surprises or shocks
  • X things that will surprise you
  • X shocking images from XYZ
  • Be extreme
  • The X funniest examples from XYZ
  • X perfect ways to do XYZ
  • X biggest mistake at XYZ
  • Paranoia and trust
  • The X Biggest Lies Told You by XYZ
  • X reasons not to trust your XYZ
  • Content advancement

Most of the time, a lot of new ideas arise while writing. You should keep this in the content plan and then research for the right keywords with a lot of search volume. As already mentioned, it should be the right ones, because the content should attract as many visitors as possible.

In addition, the content plan we provide includes an overview of other content elements that you can generate from your articles or content. For example, you can create white papers or infographics based on your articles. You can also set them to music and provide them as a podcast or create a presentation and record a video.

Some content is also suitable for generating a webcast from it. The way we have presented here is very well suited to generating a pool of an infinite number of ideas from your content. So just try it yourself.

Feedback and comments welcome:

Send us your feedback on whether the content plan is working for you and whether you have any other ideas for generating content. We are happy to add to our article accordingly.

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