Share personal experience:

The special thing about blogging is the sharing of your own experiences with everyone. It gets a bit more personal here. You have to reveal something about yourself. An exciting skill or a painful experience. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • How I achieved […]
  • How I […] learned in a very short time
  • What great experiences I have had with […]
Use negative titles:

Every success also involves a number of steps on the way that have gone wrong. You can save others from these failures. You can then process that wonderfully in the blog titles. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • How you […] shouldn’t do it
  • XX Things that you shouldn’t do as a successful […]
  • XX Mistakes on the way to […] that you should avoid

We love surprises. It is therefore also a good idea to process this in a blog article or a blog title. These shapes are relatively easy to make and could look like this:

  • XX things that will surprise you at […]
  • XX shocking pictures / videos of […]
  • The […] did […], but then something very surprising happened
 Be extreme:

Of course, extreme situations or statements are something that always makes us sit up and take notice. This can definitely lead to your articles gaining a little more momentum than before. These blog titles have to fit your target group. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • The XX funniest examples of […]
  • XX perfect ways to do […]
  • These […] are too extreme for […]

Now we’re slowly getting into an area where you really have to pay attention to your target audience. Because these blog title forms are not suitable for everyone and can achieve the opposite with the wrong target group. Here are some blog title shapes you can use to shock your readers:

  • These images of […] shock the world
  • The shocking end of […]
  • This event in […] is too violent
Spread fear and despair:

Now we come to the blog title form, where you use your readers’ fears or desperation to get their attention. That works in the film industry and therefore of course with blog titles too. So here are some examples of blog titles that capitalize on readers’ fears:

  • These pictures of […] will not let you sleep anymore at night
  • These desperate […] only wanted […]
  • Without this advice to […] you will continue to live in fear and terror
Induce paranoia:

Behind every bush a danger. Yes, you can work with it if you really want to. Here are some examples of such blog titles:

  • The XX biggest lies told to you by […]
  • XX reasons not to trust your […]
  • What […] has always kept from us
Which blog title forms do you still know?

After this post, other blog title forms will certainly develop. So if we have left out some forms here, please let us know in the comments. We will try to consider all forms here.

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