How to solve problems using Advertising?

Solve customer problems with advertising

Focusing on customers’ problems and finding a solution for them is what a customer likes to pay money for. He is not buying a product; he is buying benefits in the form of a product. The actual value of the product should be conveyed to the customer as a clear picture so that they can identify with the product. If the advertisement doesn’t state what problem the product can solve, the likelihood of purchase decreases. So focusing on the customer’s problem is what many ads miss.

Motivate the customer with advertising

The last thing missing from most of the ads is customer motivation. Once the advertiser has designed the ad and the customer read the ad, all effort and investment would be wasted if the customer doesn’t get up and buy the product. It should not be assumed that the customer knows what to do. The advertising should have a positive influence on the customer’s decision. So calling for action is the ultimate task of advertising.

Use AIDA when designing an advertisement

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

These are the basic principles that should be followed in any ad. An advertisement needs an element with which the attention is drawn to the advertisement. This can be a striking picture, for example. Then the ad must also arouse the viewer’s interest, for example with a provocative title. It has to awaken through the desire of the courted, which can be evoked by the text or the image.

This is where the problem solving should take place. And the last thing that should be done is the call for action, otherwise the advertising will not be successful. This can be an invitation to buy or to visit a website.

Some final words:

If you know your market and your customers, it will be easy for you to place an advertisement in the appropriate advertising medium. And you can get the maximum output from your campaign. This will help to make your goals measurable.

If you are using an advertisement for problem solving, keep in mind to well educate your potential consumers about the importance and root cause of problem. Half addressed issues create ambiguity and confusion. But here too, the basic principles of advertising should always be observed. Everything together brings the desired success!

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