The 5 different sub forms of marketing

There are 5 different sub forms of marketing that you should definitely know:

Classic marketing: 

Classic marketing is about introducing a company’s product or service to the customer target group in the classic way with flyers, television advertising or even with billboards and billboards.

Online Marketing: 

Online marketing includes all marketing strategies that are started with the help of the Internet. This includes website design, banner advertising and search engine marketing (SEM)

Social Media Marketing: 

The social media marketing is a sub-form of online marketing and refers only to the social media channels. By participating in social networks, the company should become better known and attention should be generated for the product. This allows users on social media to see information about the company and are encouraged to share information. The goal is to build a brand image and increase brand awareness.

Email Marketing: 

In email marketing, a promotional message is sent to the potential customers directly via email or via the Internet. The great advantage of e-mail marketing is that the costs for sending e-mails are very low and there is a high level of dialog with customers.

Interactive Marketing: 

In interactive marketing, the focus is directly on the customer. Because the customer is asked to take part in advertising campaigns and can, for example, take part in competitions.

Requirements and competencies for entry into marketing

Marketing is one of the largest and most diverse areas on the current job market. Depending on the employer’s niche or simply depending on your individual career aspirations, certain requirements and competencies can pave the way for a steep career advancement in marketing.

In the following, we have briefly explained different training opportunities in marketing and also explained hard and soft skills that can help you achieve a steep career in marketing.

Bachelor and Master or would you prefer training in the field of marketing?

Several prerequisites and skills are helpful or necessary in order to be able to work in the marketing area later. On the one hand, you either need a degree in marketing , business administration, economics or business informatics, or training as a service worker for dialogue marketing, in the field of visual marketing, or as a salesperson for marketing communication.

In addition to these competencies, you also need a compact basic marketing knowledge and a very good understanding of numbers and analysis skills in addition to IT knowledge and organizational talent. An approachable marketer should also be familiar with the methods of market research and the knowledge of the target group. This also includes skills in the field of design, a certain commercial thinking and an understanding of brand impact.


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