How To Make Money From A Site


With today’s guide, we will explain how to make money from a site list of all available solutions.

First, we’ll talk about advertising banners, which outline detailed procedures for signing up for Google AdSense (one of the most popular and affordable online advertising systems) and creating your first ad. We will do this, after which we will also tell you how to monetize the affiliation. Focusing primarily on the Amazon program, which allows you to earn commissions on products sold through your links.

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  • How To Make Money From An Advertising Site
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  • Other advertising circuits
  • Other ways to make money from a site

How to Make Money from an Advertising Site:

The first solution we would suggest is to make money from trusting a site. Advertising banners. However, before you insert banner ads and think, if your blog is just born, or you don’t have a good daily ad right now, keep that in mind. However, the latter allows you to make money. To win, I suggest you keep working on the content and improve your site.

Google AdSense:

The best way to start earning revenue is through Google AdSense, Google’s advertising circuit. The latter does not require minimal requirements in terms of views and allows anyone to create ad banners. Get them on your website and start making money with simplicity.

To create your Google AdSense account, link to the service’s homepage and, if you haven’t already, click the button. Enter to sign in with your Google Account (if you don’t have one you can read my guide online on how to create a Google Account).

On the new page that opens, select your country of residence (e.g. Spain) from the drop-down menu in the box. Select a country or region. Check the checkmark next to the option. Click.

Then press the start button and enter the payment address on the screen, enter the required data in the fields Type the account type (private o company) name, direction, postcode, city y province and press the button

Then enter your ID and enter your phone number in the appropriate field and select one of the confirmation options.

After selecting the article, click Generate Verification Code, enter the verification code received in the appropriate field, and click the Enter button to confirm your identity and complete registration.

Now you need to link your website to the newly created AdSense account. To do this, click the Copy Code button to link your site to AdSense on the page. Insert the generated code into your website. Place a checkmark next to the option, paste the code on my site, and click the Final button. It will be helpful to know that this connection may take a few days to succeed.


Another solution you can go to if you want to monetize your site through banner ads is Monetizer. Thanks to its technology-based algorithm. Offering headers, Monetizer puts the publisher’s real-time SSPs in IAB formats in competition for the best CPM offer. This means that all major advertisers compete every day for the best possible return from the ad.

Other advertising circuits:

If you are wondering if there are other advertising circuits, the answer is yes. Which you may consider. These include Bid Vertizer, Creative, Legates, and Juice ADV, but many of them require minimal requirements to be activated.

Other Ways To Make Money From A Site:

You want to get the most out of your website and, in addition to advertising banners and affiliate programs, what would you like to know? Other solutions to make money from a site? In this case, here is an additional list of them that you can consider.


Create courses and events. If your site has gained you a significant reputation on a specific topic, you may want to consider creating a dedicated area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining with specific access for users. Or consider taking original classroom courses for a fee.

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