How to Design, write and publish a blog article

The basis for every good blog article is preparation and follow-up. Experienced bloggers can usually just start writing here, as they have already internalized the process so far that they no longer need any support. For beginners it is advisable to fall back on existing experiences and use them for themselves.

In this article we want to share with you our experiences and our process of creating blog articles. We will also provide you with a blog article template that you can use to design, write and publish your articles.

Select topic

First, choose a topic from your content plan that you want to write an article about. The subject area should of course match your experience and you should be able to offer the reader real added value.

Find the right keywords

Before you start to create a title or to write the text directly, you should first carry out a search term or keyword research. After all, your article should also be found on Google when someone searches for the topic.

Just try to put yourself in the shoes of the reader and start searching for similar articles on Google. The words you enter will tell you which search terms might be the right ones.

Design a title that gets noticed

The title will determine whether or not someone will read your article. So it makes sense to worry a bit about the title. Currently, some title forms have proven to be relatively successful, which we present to you here and give you a few examples. Just use one of these forms to generate your title:

Numbers or lists

  • X simple tips for …
  • X easy ways to do XYZ
  • What makes me an XYZ?
  • How do you get XYZ?
Build structure for blog articles:

In order to be able to build up a structure for the article, you of course need a certain experience in the subject area. If you don’t have this experience, your best bet is to do in-depth research on the subject. During the research, you write down the most important points and then try to structure them accordingly.

You can easily design the structure for a blog article in a few bullet points. These should record the essential statements of the article. Here you can also see into which paragraphs the blog article can be divided.

The structure of the article can briefly follow the following scheme and should contain the corresponding key points:

  • Introduction
  • What is the problem and how will I solve it with the article or
  • Short and exciting introduction to the topic or story.
  • Detailed solution to a problem or
  • Telling a story.
  • Conclusion
  • Summary and recommendation

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