Some sources for free pictures or photos

Pictures and photos bring every homepage and blog post to life. All the better if these are free. However, caution is advised here for bloggers, homepage owners and designers. Not every image that you find online can simply be used for your own page. In this article we will go into the rules of the game for the use of third-party photos and pictures and show you sources where you can actually get pictures and photos completely free of charge.

Portals for free pictures and photos

Below is a list of portals for free images and photos that only list images under the CC0 license. We have tried to be as careful as possible to list the portals that only have free images for you.


A portal with lots of free photos on a wide variety of topics.


Loads of free high quality illustrations, vectors, and photos.


Lots of very good free photos. Use the search here to find photo collections and photos on your topic.


Lots of free and above all funny pictures that are sure to attract attention.

At first these were our favorites. Of course there are more portals from which you can choose your favorites.

So here is a list of other portals.

  • Startup stock photos
  • Life of Pix(photos and videos)
  • Death to the Stock Photo
  • Designers Pics
  • Public Domain Archive
  • Jay mantri
  • Fancy Crave
  • Photo Collections
What should be considered with images and photos from the Internet

In particular, the ease of copying an image on the Internet and simply using it makes it just as easy to do it. However, the consequences of such recklessness can be very costly. Many authors of the pictures earn their daily bread with pictures or photos and therefore object if someone simply steals them and uses them without asking. They then defend themselves with lawyers, which can be very expensive for the picture thief.

The basic rule is: never copy pictures, photos, drawings, illustrations etc. from the Internet and simply use them for your own purposes.

Pay attention to image rights correctly:

The most important rule that must be observed with image rights is that every image, work of art, illustration, drawing or photo is protected by copyright. The copyright law applicable in some states that only the author (creator) of the image or photo has the right to use it or to determine what should be done with it.

In short, you should only use images or photos for your own purposes if you have permission from the author or creator. This approval is almost always associated with costs for photographers, artists and designers.

Free pictures or photos:

Unfortunately, the applicable laws only apply to the respective country. Fortunately, the Internet is a worldwide medium, which is why the need for new rules on the use of images arose. This is the reason why the Creative Commons were created and are becoming more and more popular worldwide.

Under the Creative Commons, many artists or photographers distribute their pictures or photos on the Internet. In doing so, they set the rules for using their images. They use many of the works for marketing purposes and distribute them free of charge in various portals. These images can then be downloaded for free under the CC0 license , modified and even used commercially.

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