Marketing Tasks – What is Marketing doing? Everything to do with marketing

What is the marketing doing? In marketing there are various areas of responsibility that are constantly evolving, such as online marketing or social media marketing.

What is marketing – simply explained:

Are you interested in marketing? Marketing is a very diverse and interesting area with a wide variety of tasks. This article provides an overview of marketing.

Marketing: definition and tasks:

In general, all company activities that aim to increase profits and sales in a company belong to marketing. The main idea of ​​marketing is to align the needs of the market with the company.

Marketing is a fundamental aspect of corporate management with the aim of analyzing and realizing the needs of customers and interest groups. The term marketing describes the concept of a holistic and market-oriented corporate management with the background of taking into account various influencing factors on the purchasing behavior of the target groups.

The tasks of the marketing department are very diverse and interesting. Typical tasks include the implementation of advertising campaigns in the company, website maintenance and SEO, the planning and implementation of events, the evaluation of market studies, strategic product planning, the business cases and the market launch concepts for new products, as well as the market and competitive analysis.

These tasks await you in marketing:

  • External and internal communication
  • Development of marketing concepts
  • Design of products and prices
  • Product presentations
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  • Customer, market and competition analysis
  • External communication is often referred to as public relations (PR) or strategic corporate communication.

Internal communication is, on the one hand, a management function that supports your organization with the help of communication and behavior management. On the other hand, internal communication on the operational level means the planned communication instruments (media and personal communication).

Content marketing is an online marketing technique that aims to address the target group with informative, advisory and entertaining content in order to convince them of your own company and its range of services or your own brand and to win or retain them as customers.

Social media marketing is a form of online marketing in which social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) are used for their own purposes.

If you have successfully completed your marketing studies and are looking for the right job, in the article Job Opportunities after your Marketing Studies we have tips and suggestions on how to continue and show you possible career fields and profiles.

Frequently asked questions about “Marketing”

What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

Marketing encompasses an overall strategy for a company, brand, or product line. Advertising is always part of marketing and is more related to a specific product. It is always specific and limited in time, whereas marketing has a long-term orientation.

What does marketing mean in brief?

Marketing, or in German also marketing, includes all elements of a marketing strategy that aim to increase a company’s sales, starting with market research through to sales . There are also different forms such as online marketing, guerrilla marketing or the well-known influencer marketing. Most companies use a marketing mix.

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is a management task that includes the planning, management, control and coordination of company activities while keeping the requirements of the market in sight.


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