Some Realistic ways to Make Money Online

Many young people also take tuition on various messengers like yahoo, Skype, etc. They teach students online by telling or advertising about it on online sites to earn money. There are many ways you can earn money from home through the internet. If you have the ability, conviction, and confidence, then success will kiss your steps.

Ways to Make money Online:

Social networking:

Contemporary social networking websites are also a great way to express your talents. You can create your own page or group and share your writing or various samples of your work or pictures of your project etc. to let others know about your skills, your art, and your ability. For example, many people who work in unit management or just decorating weddings, they get orders through different pictures.

Beware of fraudsters:

Frauds are as common in the world of the Internet as in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. So work very carefully and cautiously before you start any project and ask for half payment. Also, be sure to avoid giving out your personal information to anyone. Also, complete the order on social networking websites only when you receive the advance payment. Also, be very careful about which website you choose to transfer money to. Many reputable websites do not operate remittances in Pakistan, so do not post your personal information, address, bank account number, swift code, etc. on any website without consulting anyone. Make any decision after carefully reading the introduction, rules, and regulations of each website.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully:

Otherwise, you may be worried because there are websites that are famous for money transfer, but they do not transfer money in Pakistan, so choose the websites very carefully and wisely and put your own on them. Enter information. If you make a minor mistake while registering, the money may be transferred to someone else’s account instead of your own. Care must also be taken when entering your bank’s Swift Code.

Here are some common types of scams and frauds that are common with freelancers on the Internet:

  1. 1. The money will not be transferred to your account after completing the project and sending it to the desired email or website. This is the most common deception, making most people reluctant to work on the Internet or as a freelancer. The best way to do this is to collect half the payment or part of the amount in advance. Otherwise, if you have completed and submitted the project on the website itself, you can send your complaint to them directly by talking to the website’s support system or via email.
  2. Often different messages are also sent to you in the form of a project in your name, which is taped to accept a project above. As soon as you click on it, the fee per project set for this website is transferred from your account to the website for a few dollars. So read carefully before accepting any click project.
  3. Many websites offer you a membership for a few thousand rupees, after which money is transferred to your website’s account for various projects, but they have a fixed amount, such as a fixed hundred dollars. Is the amount. You cannot transfer money from the website to your bank account with less than that amount. These types of websites initially like and accept your project and when there is some money left over, they start rejecting your project and thus want to make the internet a source of income. Despite constant hard work, they do not get rewarded and the number of membership sinks. So beware of such tricksters.


When the beneficiary of such an offer does not get the required amount, the project is done with some trick, or without full knowledge of any website, i.e. the rules and regulations of each website or what are the conditions of work. Even if they are not studied carefully, many people do not get the desired results despite working hard and completing the project. So to work on the internet and make money, accept the project very thoughtfully and also work very wisely to get the money.


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